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Source: A Short History of H. White & Co. Ltd.


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Source Title A Short History of H. White & Co. Ltd.
Publication ABT 1950
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Henry White


A Short History of H. White & Co. Ltd.
(Anniversary Flyer 1950)

In the year 1900, Mr. Edward Berwick and Mr. R. A. Rickey, General
Merchants in the Village of Shelburne, decided to separate their
grain business from their general store. These two men approached
Harry White, who was then in the employ of s. M. O'Flynn, Grain
Merchant, and the new firm of H. White and Co. was formed with Harry
White as Manager. The former E. Berwick Elevator became the property
of the new firm and in addition a feed store was opened on the Main
Street of Shelburne. The legal papers incorporating the firm under
its authorized name of H. White and Co. Ltd. were completed in
November, 1911.

According to those papers, the firm of H. White & Co, Ltd. was
authorised by the Government to:

1. Carry on a general business as grain merchants, buying, selling
and dealing in flour and all kinds of grain and seed.
2. To manufacture, import, export, buy, sell and deal in all other
goods, wares and merchandise.

In the years that followed; Mr. Harry White managed and developed
for, the firm an ever increasing business, which included. besides
its Grain and Feed Store Business the farm related items such as hay,
potatoes and clover seed. This necessitated other buildings to
accommodate the great flow of produce.

A large building was obtained as a hay storage barn. A new potato
house was erected with a 10,000-bag capacity and a general storage
building was constructed for general merchandise. Also, the store was
moved to a larger location, which permitted a better merchandising

In the year 1921 the seed business had grown to the point where more
room and equipment was necessary, so a modern seed plant was built
beside the grain elevator and the potato and storage warehouses, all
of these buildings being located on their own railway siding.

In the year 1925, Mr. R. A. Rickey and Mr. Edward Berwick died. Mr.
H. White bought their shares and made his own family shareholders,
his wife, Matilda White, his daughters, Misses Velma and Laurena
White and his sons Mr. Arthur and Mr. Fred White.

In the year 1931, the feed store was renovated into a modern service
grocery and feed outlet, and since that time has had two major
renovations to keep it up to the fast changing methods of

Due to the changing times, the hay business dwindled and the barn was
demolished and the site used to erect a new coal and storage shed.

In the year 1935 Mr. Harry White died, leaving his life's experience,
contacts and business facilities to his sons to carry on the long
standing service policy to the Community of SheIburne.

In the year 1941, the potato business was discontinued and the potato
warehouse was renovated into a chopping mill and feed mixing plant.
"With this major addition, the Company was able to give a complete
feed service from whole grain to processed feed. It also took over
the Shur-Gain Feed Service Plan of balanced feeding of livestock.

In the year 1945, the supply of Ontario grown clover seeds was
insufficient to supply the demand so the Company, under the guidance
of Mr. Arthur White, started buying these seeds from the newly
developed rich farm lands of Northern Alberta, the principal buying
areas being at Westlock, about 75 miles north of Edmonton, and the
Village of Falher in the Peace River Area.

This policy of Western seed buying has developed into a sizeable
business and has made it possible for the Company to offer to our
many Ontario seed growers the choice of personally selected quality
seeds, both home grown and Western grown.

The Company also operates a truck service to its many feed customers
for delivery or pick up to and from the farms, and also has truck
delivery service for its town customers for groceries.

It is with profound gratitude that H. White & Co. Ltd. looks back at
50 years of dealings in many lines with the people of this fair land
of our ours, from Northern Alberta to Quebec, and trusts that it will
be able to preserve in the future the confidence established by its
Founder, the late Harry White.