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Charlotte Earle


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Russel Earle

Person Chart

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth ABT 1835
Marriage ABT 1860
Death 1869-04-17 Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada


My Heritage.com Website has:
Charlotte Jelly (born Earle), 1834 - 1869
Charlotte Jelly (born Earle) was born on month day 1834, at birth place, to Russell Earl.
Russell was born in 1808, in Augusta, Grenville Co., Ontario.
Charlotte married Andrew Jelly in 1855, at age 20 at marriage place.
Andrew was born on November 8 1830, in Jellyby, Leeds Co., Ontario.
They had 8 children: William Jelly, Mary Sophia Davis (born Jelly) and 6 other children.
Charlotte lived in 1851, at address.
Charlotte passed away on month day 1869, at age 34 at death place.
She was buried at burial place.