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Dr. Samuel Tate White


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Robert White 1837-04-07 Martha Tate 1839-04-05

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Partner Date of Birth Children
Ethel Maude Clarke 1874-08-28 Edith Emmeline White
Helen White
Jean Audry White

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1872-05-28 Mulmer Township, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada
Marriage 1899
Death 1949-08-29 Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada


Dr. White travelled to Ireland and Scotland with the Canadian Curlers
in 1926. shared a cabin with Harry White.


From the pages of- History of Dufferin County

Dr. Samuel Tate White

One of the most prominent and useful sons of Dufferin County was
Samuel Tate White, MD., F.A.C.S.
Dr. White was born in Mulmur Twp., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert White.
He spent his youth and received his early education in Shelburne.
After graduating from the Ontario School of Pharmacy, he decided on
medicine for his career and in 1907 received his degree from the
University of Toronto. He practised in Shelburne for some years and
his keen interest in his chosen profession took him to New York,
USA., and Edinburgh Scotland, for post-graduate work.

In 1927 Dr. White took up practice in Orangeville and became chief
surgeon at Lord Dufferin Hospital. In 1936 he was made a Fellow of
the American College of Surgeons. He served for a number of years in
the choir of Westminster United Church and was a member of the board
of trustees. An enthusiastic sportsman he was a well-known lacrosse
player in his youth, a proficient golfer and
veteran curler.

From the History of Shelburne Pg. 282 and 372
Samuel Tate White was born in the Township of Mulmur, the son of
Robert and Martha White. The family moved into Shelburne from their
north Mulmur home about a year after Robert's brother Henry White,
Shelburne's shoemaker in 1873, and when son Samuel T. was still a
small schoolboy.

Samuel T. received his early education in Shelburne Public School
system. subsequently graduating with honours from the Ontario College
of Pharmacy about 1895. Before returning to his home town of
Shelburne, he operated a drug store in the village of Havelock, in
Peterborough County until 1897 when he opened his own drug store in
the Hannah Block on Main Street upon completion of that building
after the Big fire earlier in the year.

But Samuel T. had scarcely become settled in his brand-new enterprise
when he bought out the drug store of John H. Dennis in the Jelly
Block across the street. He immediately relinquished the Hannah store
and moved into the Jelly Block, where a Shelburne drug store has been
located ever since.
Shortly after Samuel Tate White had become well established in the
retail drug business in the Jelly Block, his brother, J.E.A. White,
or Ed as he was known, took charge of the business and our subject,
Samuel T. entered the medical faculty of the University of Toronto in
pursuit of a career in medicine and surgery. He graduated in 1907 and
after an internship as surgeon in Toronto General Hospital, returned
to his home town of Shelburne where he obtained the practice of Dr.
D.C. Murry, M.A., M.D.

During the 17 years service to the ill and infirm in his home town of
Shelburne, Dr. White earned the
confidence of the community and the officials of Orangeville Hospital
alike with the result that he was accorded full use of that
institution's surgical facilities, which in turn resulted in his
appointment as Chief Surgeon. Consequently, in July of 1925, Dr.
White obtained the Orangeville practice of retiring Dr. T.H. Henry
and moved to that town. Here he was to serve the entire Dufferin
County community for the next quarter century.

Dr. S. T. White was a progressive medical practitioner, ever keeping
abreast of medical and surgical discovery and progress by attending
frequent post-graduate courses. In 1939 he attended courses at
Edinburgh University in Scotland, becoming a Fellow of the Royal
College of Physicians and Surgeons. Similar seminars in New York City
earned him a Fellowship in the American College of Surgeons.

During his crowded life he found time to serve his community on
municipal council of his home village. He was serving as Reeve of the
village at the time he received the call to Orangeville. Upon his
resignation, councillor T .J. O'Flynn became the new Reeve.

He was an enthusiastic curler and his fellow curlers didn't forget
him on his departure. according him a presentation.

He was married in 1899 to Ethel M. Clarke. Daughter of William Clarke
of Caledon. Dr. S.T. departed this life on August 29th, 1949.


Shelburne Free Press and Economist, Date: 31 Aug 1949,
Type: Article

Shelburne Free Press & Economist, August 31, 1949 - DR. S. T. WHITE: Dr. S. T. White, of Orangeville, formerly of Shelburne, brother of J. E. A. White and Mrs. A. Douglas, of Shelburne, passed away suddenly at his home in Orangeville, Monday morning, August 29th. He had been at his fishing reserve in Mulmur on Sunday afternoon and had called at Shelburne and taken his sister and brother out with him. During the night, after his return home he completed an emergency operation on a patient about three o'clock in the morning, and was taken ill at his home shortly after. Interment will take place at Orangeville, Wednesday afternoon, under Masonic auspices.


Shelburne Free Press and Economist, Date: 07 Sep 1949,
Type: Obituary
Shelburne Free Press & Economist, Wednesday, September 7, 1949 - DR. S. T. WHITE (Orangeville Banner):

Residents of Orangeville and the surrounding community were shocked to learn of the sudden death of Samuel Tait White, M.D., F.A.C.S., at his home here, 2 First Ave., early Monday morning, August 29th. A clever, active surgeon, Dr. White was in his usual good health and spirits and had performed a late operation in Lord Dufferin Hospital Sunday night on his return from a day spent at his summer home in the Doon valley. His death came suddenly, att he end of this typically busy day, of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Born in Mulmur Township, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert White, and one of a family of six, Samuel Tait White, spent his youth and received his early education in Shelburne. After graduating from the Ontario School of Pharmacy, he decided on medicine as his career and in 1907 received his degree from the University of Toronto. He practiced in Shelburne for some years, then his keen interest in surgery took him to New York and Edinburgh, Scotland, for post-graduate work. It was typical of this interest that, even in recent years, he took many refresher courses which kept him abreast of the strides being made in his profession. In 1936 he was made a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
In 1927 Dr. White took up practice in Orangeville and became chief surgeon at Lord Dufferin Hospital, where his interest in his work and his sympathetic concern for the sick made him known and respected throughout the town and the whole district.

His interest were many and varied. As a member of Westminster Church he served for a number of years in the choir and of late years was a member of the Board of Trustees. An enthusiastic sportsman, he was a well-known lacrosse player in his youth, a proficient golfer and an enthusiastic veteran curler. Her served for some years on the executive of the Ontario Curling Association. Twice he had the distinction of travelling to Great Britain on a team representing Canadian curlers, and last fall he was elected President of the Ontario Curling Association, and spent a busy winter discharging the duties attendant to that office.

Dr. White is survived by his wife, the former Ethel Clark, of Alton, and by three daughters, Edith, Helen and Jean, at home. A sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Douglas, and a rother, Mr. J. E. A. White, live in Shelburne, and he was predeceased by three other members of the family, Mrs. A. Gardiner, of Seaforth, Mrs. G. W. Hudson, of Toronto, and Richard White, of Toronto.

The funeral service was held in Westminster United Church on Wednesday, August 31st, at 2 o'clock. Rev. Victor Fiddes, pastor of the church, who conducted the service, paid tribute to Dr. White's satisfactory employment of the talent given him and his reputation as a surgeon. The Rev. Canon H. A. West-McMaster, rector of St. Mark's Church, Orangeville, assisted at the service, Westminster choir led in the singing of two of the deceased's favorite hymns, "Unto the Hills" and "The Lord Is My Shepherd." The organist was a nephew, Mr. Gordon Douglas, A.T.C.M., F.C.C.O., of Burlington.
The honorary pallbearers were Dr. J. W. Leach, Dr. G. H. Campbell, Mr. Jas. Henderson and Mr. J. E. Smith, of Orangeville, Dr. M. W. Berwick, Grand Valley, Dr. W. Clark, Mr. E. McMurtry and Mr. Aubrey Silk, of Toronto. Active pallbearers were members of Lorne Lodge, 33, A.F. & A.M., Shelburne, Messrs. T. McKay, Edgar Patterson, John Fleck, George Foster, Robert A. Laverty and Colonel Victor Phillips.

Shelburne Free Press, Date: 06 Jul 1899, Column: 3,
Type: Advertisement

A most valuable remedy for all forms of debility, arising from an impoverished and deficient blood supply; quickly changes the pale ad sallow complexion into the ruddy glow of health; cures dyspepsia, indigestion, Nervous Debility, Headaches, Irregularities, etc.


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