White / Chartrand Family Tree

Edith Emmeline White


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Dr. Samuel Tate White 1872-05-28 Ethel Maude Clarke 1874-08-28

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Godfrey Martin Fitzgerald 1894-01-09

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1901-06-20
Marriage 1959-07-25 Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Death of spouse Godfrey Martin /Fitzgerald/ 1967-09-28
Death 1982-07-10


Notes for EDITH WHITE:

Info from Arne Bailey.

Edith was an organist, the first teacher of her nephew Gordon
Douglas. Her husband was a Colonel. It was his second marriage. Their
home was on Forest Lawn Rd. in Orangeville. Later Jean took it over
after caring for her sister there.

#011276-01 (Dufferin Co) WHITE, Edith Euriline? f. b. 20 Jan.1901,
father - Samuel Tait WHITE, Druggist, mother - Edith Maud CLARK, infm
- father, Shelburne

AR-3122 D Yearbook, Shelburne High School, 1924
Source Type:
Book Excerpt
EDITH E. WHITE, eldest daughter of Dr. S.T. and Mrs. White, was born Jan. 20, 1901, in Shelburne. Edith began her public school career in 1909 at Shelburne and due to her intellectual ability, received her High School Entrance examination four years later, carrying with it the Shelburne Scholarship. In the fall of that year, she began her studies at Shelburne High School. As well as showing remarkable brilliancy in school studies, Edith became an accomplished pianist. She procured her Junior Matriculation and Normal Entrance in 1916 at the age of fifteen years and in 1917 obtained her A.T.C.M. Edith is one of the popular students of S.H.S. and her amiable and sunny disposition won for her many friends. In 1920 she accompanied her parents to Edinburgh for six months, where she continued her course in music, studying under Paul Della Torre. In the fall of 1923 Edith returned to Shelburne High School to obtain her Honor Matriculation. She received seven Honor Matriculation subjects and won the special $25.00 prize donated by the Shelburne Chapter I.O.D.E., her standing last year being three first and four second class honors. At present she is studying Honor Mathematics to complete the first year of her University course so that she may enter the second year next fall.
We are confident that Edith will get more out University life than the average student and that she will be more helpful to her class-mates.