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Henry McKee

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Event Type Date Place Description
Birth aug 13 1810 Tandragee, Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Marriage BEF 1841 Ireland
Marriage AFT 1867
Death 1894-02-28 Ospry Township, Ontario, Canada


The McKees came to Canada from Ireland in 1845

From Notes on the McKee family given to me by J. H. McKee:

Henry and Charlotte came to Canada in 1845 with daughter Elizabeth and 6 week old son George. They set out on a two month journey to the new Country in 1845. They arrived Mulmur twp by oxcart Lot 16 Con 1 which was covered with dense bush. They felled trees and laid cordoroy roads most of the way. They paid $1.00 per acre for their l00 acre farm . They eventually settled in Whitfield, Ontario.

Henry was living in Osprey twp when he died. (JH McKee)