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Henry White

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Family Name Henry Seniour


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Henry George White ABT 1811 Elizabeth Jane Reburn ABT 1813

Person Chart

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth ABT 1841 Caledon, Peel, Ontario, Canada
Marriage 1866-02-14 Rosemont, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada
Death ABT 1881 Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada


Cemetery stone in Shelburne gives birth year as 1841.
Census 1861 Age - 17
Marriage Record in 1866 indicates age as 22 therefore birth date
might be 1844.

Notes for HENRY WHITE:
From the History of Shelburne Pg. 159
Henry Sr. made his first appearance in the tiny village of Shelburne
in the year 1872 when the village was still largely forest bound and
its few buildings, housing less than 200 souls. The main street, as
one traveller phased it: "a vast sea of mud impassable even for

Henry Sr. plied his trade of shoemaking in the village of Maple
Valley, north of Redickville on what is now Highway 24 prior to
casting his lot in the new village of Shelburne with his young family
and wife, the former Eliza Jane McKee, who herself, was a Mulmur
township Pioneer at the ripe old age of three years. Henry was born
about 1841 and had just passed his 31st birthday when he arrived in
the village to found a boot and shoe business. But his sojourn in the
village was short duration. Nine years later at the age of 41 years,
Henry sickened and passed away, leaving his wife and a large family
of nine children, some of whom fortunately, were reaching an age (In
those days) of taking employment and contributing to the family

Henry Jr. was just beginning his education at Beach Valley school
when his parents moved to the village. On the death of his father,
young Henry took over the boot and shoe business. (see notes on Henry


Shelburne Free Press, Date: 03 Jun 1926,
Type: Article
Shelburne Free Press – June 3, 1926, OLD LANDMARK MAKES WAY FOR THE NEW.

Shelburne loses from its Main street two of her old landmarks in the removal of the buildings now being torn away to make room for the new block being built by Mr T J O’Flynn.
One of the old buildings was occupied by the late Mr Henry White in 1877 as a residence and shoe shop. This building was later bought by Mr Hugh Falconer, who carried on a tailoring business in it for many years.

Mr Wm. Richardson bought Mr White’s vacant lot in 1878 and erected thereon a store in which he conducted a flour and feed business until November 10th, 1886 when he was bought by the late S F M O’Flynn.

It is a rather notable fact that Mr Harry White, who as a boy lived on these premises; Mr Hugh Falconer, who did business there and Mr Wm. Richardson, who erected one of the buildings and carried on business there are still residents in Shelburne.

Mr Hugh Falconer has the longest continuous business career in the village. Mr Chas Lindsay and Mr Harry White are the next oldest in business experience and of course Hud Webster is the real oldest living resident having came to Shelburne in April 1877.

The old boys are getting few in number and would hardly make a baseball team. They may be enumerated in the following: - Bob Jelly, Tom McKey, Chas. Lindsay, Harry White, Tom and Bill Murray.
Mr T J O’Flynn is to be complimented on his work in improving the appearance of our Main St. For 29 years he has been in business in the premises continuously, seventeen of which he was associated with his father, the late S F M O’Flynn.



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