White / Chartrand Family Tree

Zephirin Joseph Chartrand


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Louis-Salomon Chartrand 1824-08-20 Emilie Marie Deguire 1829-03-05

Person Chart

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1853-01-15 St-Francois-de-Sales, Laval, Canada
Marriage 1878-09-30 Papineauville, Ste-Angelique, Papineau, Quebec, Canada
Place of Residence 1881 St. Lawrence Ward, Montreal City, Quebec, Canada
Occupation 1881 Shoemaker
Place of Residence 1891 Ste Angelique, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Listed as married
Place of Residence 1901 Sainte-Angelique, Labelle, Quebec, Canada Listed as married
Place of Residence 1921-06-01 Papineauville, Labelle, Quebec, Canada
Death 1933-01-16 Papineauville, Papineau, Quebec, Canada
Burial 1933-01-19 Papineauville, Papineau, Quebec, Canada


Great-grandfather Chartrand



Zephir gravestone


Zephirin & Lucie Chartrand